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​REEF Creative is the sub brand under Wavereef China.. It specializes in the design and production of commercial and industrial protein skimmer for the public Aquarium and marine farm for aquaculturing. It can supply full series of commercial and industrial protein skimmer for the tank ranged from 5ton to 3000ton. Under This brand, there is also giant calcium reactor, trickle filter, giant Filteration sump, powerful UV lamp etc..

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Product Details

The new Reef Creative XL-skim XL-20T is a commercial and industrial protein skimmer designed for 10 to 25 ton of public aquarium or aquaculturing system.  It is known for user-friendly design:  high efficient skimming, durable design.  It comes with self-cleaning collection-cup cleaning system and Ozone inlet. Its mainbody is built by corrosion-resistant raw material so that it can be suitable for installing outdoors.


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                     Product display                                            PERFORMANCE                           Ozone inlet

 Self-cleaning system for collection cup
XL-10T  Technical Specs
-Skimmer Rated for Aquariums ranged from 6ton to 15tons.
- Footprint: 400X400mm
- Total Height:  1900mm

Filtration Handling
- 15 Ton – Light Filtration Demand
- 10 Ton – Medium Filtration Demand
- 6 Ton – Heavy Filtration Demand

- Solid Cast Acrylic & Machined PP Construction
- Bubble Dispersant Plate
- MPR-35 AC Pump
- A STAINLESS screw-locked collection cup
- Efficient & powerful Operation
-Disassembles for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance 
- External Installation only

Pump Information
- WaveReef MPR-35 AC pump
- Power Consumption: 350watts
- Air intaken: 4.3m3/H
- Voltage: DC 110V OR 230V
- Air Retention time: 2.1 minutes
- Water Flow Rate:  10 m3/H

*Need to know:Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup


WaveReef is one of the most professional aquarium products manufacturers and suppliers. If you're interested in our xl-skim-10t commercial & industrial protein sk, please be free to buy and wholesale the quality and durable equipment made in China from our factory. Fast delivery and excellent after-sale service will be offered.
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