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Oil Pan Operation And Maintenance
- Jun 09, 2017 - correctly maintain the fuel injection pump accessories.

The pump body side cover, plug gauges, gas (respirators), oil spill valve, oil tank, oil level plug screw, pump fixed bolt, to ensure the intact, the attachment of the fuel injection pump plays a crucial role. Such as the side cover to prevent the intrusion of dust, moisture and other impurities, respirator (with filter) can effectively prevent oil deterioration, oil spill valve to ensure the fuel system pressure must not enter the air. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of these accessories and find that damage or loss should be repaired or replaced in time.

2.always check the fuel pump oil tank in the amount of oil and its quality is in line with the requirements.

Every time you start the diesel generator before injection pump should check the amount of oil and its quality (by the engine's fuel injection pump lubrication except compulsory), to ensure that enough quantity of oil, good quality, if the oil is mixed with water or diesel and metamorphism, can cause the plunger and early wear of valve, resulting in insufficient diesel engine force is difficult to start, resulting in serious corrosion of oil plunger and valve parts. Because of oil leakage, oil valve, oil pump tappet and the shell side wear, sealing ring is damaged, will cause the leakage of diesel oil into the oil tank and oil dilution, therefore should be replaced in a timely manner according to the quality of oil, to replace a thorough cleaning of the oil tank, clean up oil mud impurities such as oil tank bottom otherwise, use not long time oil will degenerate.