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The Working Principle And Characteristics Of Centrifugal Pump
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Working principle:

Before starting the pump, the pump and the water inlet pipe filled with water pump, centrifugal force in high speed rotating impeller and produced under the action of the impeller in the water was thrown around, pressed into the volute, impeller entrance to form a vacuum tank, water is sucked into the suction pipe in the space of the outside atmosphere under the pressure of the. Then, the suction water is thrown out by the impeller and enters the outlet pipe through the volute. Thus, if the centrifugal pump impeller constantly rotating, you can continue to absorb water, water pressure, water can continue to rise from low to high or distance. To sum up, the centrifugal pump is due to the high speed rotating impeller generated by the centrifugal force, the water lifted to the high, it is called centrifugal pumps.


(1) the water flows along the axial direction of the impeller along the direction of the centrifugal pump, and flows vertically out of the axial direction, and the direction of the inlet and the outlet flows into 90 DEG respectively.

(2) the centrifugal pump impeller imports by forming a vacuum absorption, so before starting to be in filling water into the pump and suction pipe, or use the vacuum pump to discharge the air, forming a vacuum, and the pump shell and the water pipe must be strictly sealed, no leakage, otherwise xingbucheng vacuum, will not suck Sheung shui.

(3) the impeller can not form an absolute vacuum, so the centrifugal pump suction height should not exceed 10 meters, along the path loss and flow through the pipeline caused by the actual allowed installation height (from the suction pump axis surface height less than 10 meters away). If the installation is not too high, in addition, due to water; the mountains than plain low atmospheric pressure, so the same pump in the mountains, especially in the high mountains when installed, its installation height should be lowered, or it can't absorb water.