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Principle Of Protein Separator
- Jun 09, 2017 -

The working principle of the skimmer is very simple, but can use the surface tension of the bubbles is very effective to separate the protein water separator, the protein has three kinds: flow, pressure and gas lift type (has been basically eliminated). In theory, the protein separator can separate 80% of the protein in the water, but her actual work ability can only separate 30 - 50% of the protein waste in the water, and can reach 50%, it is already very good.

The contact surface of a protein separator is similar to the surface between air and water. For example, the contact surface formed by the water surface of the aquarium has a certain surface tension, so the cellulose, protein and food residues are bound to accumulate here. In fact, if expanded surface areas such as bubbles (foam making) occur, more cellulose, protein, and food residues naturally form on the surface. The viscosity of the foam will change as the surface increases and expands, and the bubbles gradually disappear. Therefore, the effectiveness of the protein separator is to expand the surface area between the gas and liquid and its specific surface tension. However, the resulting foam is separate from the emission from the water cycle in the aquarium, which is why the foam can be removed directly from the aquarium.