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Metering Pump Hydraulic System
- Jun 09, 2017 -

The hydraulic system of hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, comprising a plunger piston, cylinder block and cylinder head, inlet and outlet valves, hydraulic diaphragm type valve and three (bleed valve, overload limit valve, compensation valve). In the work, the diaphragm separates the hydraulic oil and the medium, so the hydraulic diaphragm type metering pump has the advantages of no leakage.

The plunger hydraulic diaphragm metering pump hydraulic end of the crank connecting rod mechanism of transmission of the reciprocating motion to drive. The plunger moves in and out of the hydraulic chamber to cause the change of the pressure of the hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic diaphragm displacement is used to transport the medium. The relative stability of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic chamber is maintained by the function of the three valve.

It automatically discharged into the hydraulic chamber gas hydraulic oil overload valve and ensure the work smoothly, avoid excessive hydraulic oil or discharge pipe blocked produce overpressure valve to automatically open the overload protection purpose.

The limit compensation device is driven limit valve open with hydraulic diaphragm type, according to the degree of vacuum chamber hydraulic oil added at any time, to ensure the full hydraulic cylinder hydraulic oil.

Metering pump is widely used in petrochemical, chemical, power, water treatment, pharmaceutical and other industrial processes, for the quantitative delivery of various chemical additives.