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The working principle and characteristics of axial flow pump
- Jun 09, 2017 -


1.the working principle of axial flow pump

Axial pump and centrifugal pump work in different ways, it is mainly the use of high-speed impeller rotation thrust generated by water. The lift of the axial pump blade when it rotates, which pushes the water from below to the top.

The blades of axial pumps are usually immersed in the sump. As the impeller rotates at high speed, the water is pushed upward continuously by the lifting force of the blade, so that the water flows out along the pipe outlet. The impeller rotates continuously, and the water is continuously pressed to the top.

2.General characteristics of axial flow pumps

(1) the water flows in the axial direction of the axial flow pump along the axial direction of the impeller suction, axial flow, so called axial flow pump.

(2) low lift (1 to 13 meters), large flow, high efficiency, suitable for plain, lake, river drainage.

(3) no irrigation before starting, easy to operate.