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Single stage single suction centrifugal pump
- Jun 09, 2017 -


The old pump models are BA, B type single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, in 80s, in accordance with international standards and the actual situation of drainage and irrigation machinery, centrifugal pump product update the development, and the production of IB type, IQ type single-stage centrifugal pump series products, has been listed as a national professional standards and industry standards.

Single stage single suction centrifugal pump, the water from the axial single side into the impeller, the impeller is only one, so known as a single stage single suction centrifugal pump. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of higher lift, small flow rate, simple structure and convenient use compared with the mixed flow pump and the axial flow pump.

IQ type single-stage single suction centrifugal pump (also called the light small centrifugal pump) is for the country and meet the user proposed has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, low price and good performance and is easy to match the requirements and design, a total of 84 products, 3 derived series, 413 specifications.

(1) the performance range of pump diameter 50 ~ 200 mm, flow 12.5 to 400 cubic meters / hour, lift 8 to 125 meters, supporting power diesel engine direct, belt drive, motor direct power, 1.1 to 110 kilowatts, speed is 1450 ~ 2900 rpm.

(2) the structure types of light small centrifugal pump is axial suction suspension of single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, the pump body to open the door after the exit at the center of the upward, back cover for pressure embedded type, the bearing body and the pump body is directly connected, is located in the pump foot under the pump, bearing grease, seal is divided into soft filler mechanical seals, rubber oil seal three. Impeller are closed type, transmission is divided into coupling transmission and belt drive two. Pump impeller steering: from the direction of the inlet of the pump, the impeller turns clockwise. When the pump is connected directly with the diesel engine, it is counterclockwise. The pump outlet can be manual pump device, can remove the bottom valve, reduce the hydraulic losses, and can make the pump suction.