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Principle and characteristics of metering pump
- Jun 09, 2017 -


Pump structure

The pump is composed of three parts, such as an electric motor, a transmission box and a cylinder block.

The gear box part is formed by the worm gear, stroke adjusting mechanism and crank connecting rod mechanism; to execute high stroke adjustment by rotating the hand wheel adjustment, thereby changing the eccentric shaft from the movement to change the plunger (piston) to travel.

The cylinder block is composed of a pump head, a suction valve set, a discharge valve set, a plunger and a packing seal.

Working principle

Motor driven by coupling through the worm and worm gear of the spindle and the eccentric rotation rotary motion, slide the bow rod by the eccentric wheel regulating for reciprocating motion seat. When the plunger moves backward dead point, gradually forming a vacuum pump chamber, suction valve open, the inhalation of the liquid; when the plunger moves forward dead, when the suction valve is closed, the discharge valve is opened, the liquid discharge in the piston to further movement. The reciprocating flow of the pump is also working to form a continuous, pressure, quantitative discharge of liquid.

Flow regulation

The flow regulation of the pump is controlled by the rotation of the hand wheel to drive the regulating screw to rotate, thus changing the pitch between the bow shaped connecting rod and changing the piston (piston) moving stroke in the pump cavity to determine the size of the flow. The scale of the adjusting handwheel determines the stroke of the plunger, with a precision rate of 95%.

Pump characteristics

The performance of the pump is superior, the diaphragm metering pump must not leak, high safety performance, accurate metering delivery, can flow from zero to maximum rating range can be adjusted from atmospheric pressure to the maximum allowable range of arbitrary choice.

The regulation clear, smooth operation, no noise, small size, light weight, convenient maintenance, can be used in parallel.

The pump, variety, performance, application delivery of -30 to 450 degrees, the viscosity of 0-800mm/s, the highest discharge pressure is 64Mpa, the flow in the range of 0.1-20000L/h, the measurement accuracy is less than 1%.

4. According to the technical requirements of the pump can be manually adjusted and inverter control flow, can realize remote control and automatic control.