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Different types of metering pumps
- Jun 09, 2017 -


Plunger metering pump

1.the price is low

2.flow up to 76 meters, 3/, flow in the range of ten percent to one hundred percent, the measurement accuracy of up to + one percent, the maximum pressure of 350 mpa. When the outlet pressure changes, the flow is almost constant.

3.can transport high viscosity medium, not suitable for conveying corrosive slurry and dangerous chemicals.

4.seal packing seal, there is leakage, the need for periodic adjustment filler. The packing and plunger are easy to wear, and the packing ring should be washed and discharged by pressure. safety discharge device.

Mechanical diaphragm

1.the price is low. action seal, no leakage.

3.It can transport high viscosity medium, abrasive slurry and dangerous chemicals.

4.diaphragm to withstand high stress, diaphragm life is low.

5.export pressure below 2 MPa, flow range of application is small, measuring accuracy is + five percent, when the pressure from the minimum to the maximum, the flow changes up to ten percent. safety discharge device.

Hydraulic diaphragm action seal, no leakage, safety relief device, simple maintenance.

2.the pressure can reach 35 MPa; the flow rate is within the range of 10 to 1; the measuring accuracy can reach to + one percent; the pressure increases by 6.9 MPa, and the flow rate drops by five percent to ten percent.

3.higher prices.

4.Suitable for medium viscosity medium.

corrugated pipe

1.the price is low. action seal, no leakage.

3.the most suitable for conveying vacuum, high temperature and low temperature medium, export pressure below 0.4 MPa, low measurement accuracy.